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Dano BlevinsDano Blevins 

Upload file in visualforce over 10 mb as guest user with no login

Using a pure Visualforce page is there a good way to build something to upload files as a guest user that can exceed 10MB limits?


I have tried making it a chatter upload but it gives me a error page saying you need to login for that. The chatter upload is for a guest account ona publicly accessible site. It works great as a logged in user but this is not the intention of the site as it is a public site with no login or account creation options.

Tried using a lightning:fileUpload but it doesn't work when embedded directly into a VF page with a guest user account.

Any suggestions on what I am missing on this?


Dano BlevinsDano Blevins
And yes the documents need connected to the a specific cusom object that is created while they are using the page that the uploads go to.