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Mahesh Babu 187Mahesh Babu 187 

Create Case Object Record From External Website

Hi Team,

I have a requirement where I have an external website outside Salesforce.The customer fills out a form on this website and also adds attachment in the form. On submit of this form, I want a new case object record to be created in salesforce with customer filled data.The attachment should be visible to the agent who will work on the case and also the agent should get notified when an attachment is added in the form. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Mahesh, 


To achieve this, you will need to do either of the following:

1. if your external site is a Force.com site, you can create visualforce page that will have the form with file attachment feature

2. if it's not a force.com site, then you could use salesfoce API's to send the form data back to salesforce. 


Once you've this data sent to salesforce and case is created, then based on the page layout you define, the agent can view the attachment when the case is being worked upon.


Hope this helps, or at least gives you more clarity on the way forward.




Mahesh Babu 187Mahesh Babu 187
Hi Vishal,
Thanks for your reply.

Our form is not a Force.com site. We have used  'Web-To-Case Html Generator' option and the code which gets generated through it, we have sent that file to our client. He adds CSS to it. We have also added JQuery in it to display some options and create the case record. I have added a HTML tag to add attachment to it. Is there any way to use JQuery and add that attachment to that particular record.
Any help would be appreciated.