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How do I update a field in the Lightning List: component?

Hi,my code contains two lightning: datatable where I pass two lists respectively. The first list "prodList" I need to show the products in the first lightning: datatable the second checks my cart. Having said that I have a question, when I go to select a product in the table as seen in the picture, a popup appears with a lightning in it: input which I need to make the user enter the desired quantity of that product. My list contains an "Available Quantity" field, when I go to select a product and enter the quantity you want it makes me a check where I subtract the quantity chosen by the user from the "Available quantity", how do I update the list and automatically check the updated value in the Available Quantity?
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VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Luigi,

It would be difficult to understand without narrow down scenerio.  Kindly provide narrow down scenerio and were you are stuck currently.