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Derek RobertiDerek Roberti 

can not link Notes to contact

Using the API I can easily create a Contact and a Note related to the contact. I am able to see the contact along with all of the details i created for it. I can also see the Note if I search for the Note based on its ID. It shows its linked to the contact correctly. However, if I click on the Parent/Related contact name in the Note view, It takes me to the Contact I created. But the note does not show in the contact details view. Also, if I look for all of the notes, I can not see any that have been created by the API.  Am I missing an extra function or
Helen EricHelen Eric
Saleforce community member will definetely come up with the answer. They are very helpful they also solved my problem a couple of days ago.
I would advise you to search your problem on youtube or on google (https://grinchcostume.shop/products/grinch-costume-by-doctor-seuss) might be possible that you'll find your answer.
Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Derek,

Where you are checking in the UI. Is it Notes & Attachement or Notes relatedlist? 

We have two related list Derek, Notes created via API or ContentNote using Apex displaying under Notes Rleated List in parent record.

For Testing Purpose i have created the Notes using Rest API Post in Workbench:

Pass the encoded content.
URL: /services/data/v53.0/sobjects/ContentNote
  "Content" : "VGhpcyBpcyBhIDxiPnNhbXBsZTwvYj4gbm90ZQ==",
  "Title" : "Sample note"

Content Document Link:
URL :  /services/data/v53.0/sobjects/ContentDocumentLink
  "ContentDocumentId" : "0690K00000geg6tQAA",
  "LinkedEntityId" : "0030K00002Rqdsl",
  "ShareType" : "V"

User-added image

Content Note Using Apex : https://sfdcpanther.com/how-to-insert-contentnote-using-apex-in-salesforce/

Derek RobertiDerek Roberti
this is the note I found based on the Note ID I generated from the APIThis is the contact created and to the right, it does not show the note created by the API.  Normal notes are created fine.