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Record triggered flow not populating variables but work in debug mode

I have a record tirggered flow that is creating a related record. It uses variables for some of the values but when the record gets created, those values are blank or 0. However, when I execute the flow in debug mode, those values are populated. I can't figure out why they aren't working. When I manually hardode values in the assignment in the flow, they work but when I try to assign the variables to the object values, they don't work.  I can't figure out why they aren't working.

Here's the debug data

Here's the record that gets created
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Oh sheesh. I figured out the issue. The variables are being assigned from objects that haven't been created when the record triggered flow is fired. I need to do a scheduled flow in order to be able to access those fields. I wish there were more options for the built in scheduled flow. I really only need to run it once a month. I already use Mass Action Scheduler (https://github.com/sfdx-mass-action-scheduler/sfdx-mass-action-scheduler/wiki) so I'm going to use that to run this flow once a month.