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Sabrina ViscardiSabrina Viscardi 

We hit a snag: I can't find the validation that is being trigger


I am getting 'Review the errors on this page.
You must select a sales campaign to perform a status change.
' error that seems like a validation rule but when I make a QUERY in Validation Rule I don't find any with this error message.

Can this be created in any other way? Is there any way to debug it or find where this is coming through?

I made a Debug Log with Finest and Info in Validation but I don't see anything there either.

Thank you!

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PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Hey Sabrina,

When do you get this error ?


Priya Ranjan

Sabrina ViscardiSabrina Viscardi
Hi Priya, I get this message when I try to change the value of a custom field called ‘Contact Status’ from Closed to other value.
ravi soniravi soni
Hi Sabrina,
copy this error and search it in apex. It might comes from any trigger.
for finding in apex, follow below way.

In Developer Console => On top Bar there is a button Edit => click it and click Search in Files => now paste your error message.
OR You can open it by Shotcut key => Ctrl +  Shift  + H

let me know if it helps you by marking it as the best answer.
Thank you
Sabrina ViscardiSabrina Viscardi
Hi Ravi,
No results there etiher. I also tried searching other stuff life 'Campaign', 'Status Change' and nothing relevant appeared.

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