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Devang Rana 10Devang Rana 10 

manage package issue

Hi All,

We are trying to release bita version of the application through manage package. we had done some changes on classes and then realease the manage package. but the problem is what ever the last changes it was not reflacting in manage pacakage how can we resolve that.?

please give us the suggestions.
Unfortunately, beta packages can't be upgraded. You will have to uninstall to get to the latest version. SFDC should help you restore your managed package data (in the installed package page) to help you restore your data after the re-install process has completed.
However, if your data structure has changed very much between versions this might not be helpful, and you should review the data you get before you uninstall.

There is already an idea by the topic Improve Beta Packages - Upgrade or Uninstall