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Nagesh B 13Nagesh B 13 

What is System XMD in Einstein Analytics


What is mean by System XMD in Einstein Analytics? Where i can find this file in Einstein analytics.

Thanks in Advance.

Nagesh B,
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati

Extended metadata (XMD) enables you to customize the formatting of dataset fields and their values in Analytics dashboards and lenses. If you modify the XMD for a dataset, every UI visualization that uses the dataset shows the modified format.

refer to this link 

On the Analytics page, click the Datasets tab. If you’re in the data manager, click the Datasets tab there.
Hover over the dataset that you want to update, click , and then click Edit. If you’re in the data manager, click Edit Dataset.
The dataset edit page opens.
  1. Under Extended Metadata File, click , and then select Download. Download the current XMD file as a backup.
  2. Under Extended Metadata File, click , and then select Replace. Select your new XMD file and click Open.
  3. If the XMD file is not valid, you see an error message. Correct the syntax of the file and upload it again.