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harshadeepthi kharshadeepthi k 

how does Account name get populated automatically after selecting Contract Name in Order Object

Good Morning all,
I'm trying to get familiar with the Sales Cloud, I've a doubt regarding the Order Object - We've Account Name and Contract Name fields on Order object. I just want to know how does Account Name field get generated automatically  if I select Contract Name. [Order has a lookup with Account n Contract]
Can anyone tell me how does this work ?

Thanks in advance,
Harsha Deepthi 
Sainath VenkatSainath Venkat
Hi Harsha Deepthi,

You can use process builder to update the account name.

In process builder,select the Order object and select everytime its edited and created,then in condition select if contact is not null then in actions select update record then in record type select the order record that you started process then in field select Account then in type select field reference then in value Contact.account Id then save and activate it.

Mark it best if it solves your problem
harshadeepthi kharshadeepthi k

Hi Sainath,


Thank You for the reply, 
my doubt here is I've checked triggers,workflows n process builder but nothing is written on Order Object. 
so my question is what is the functionality, how is the Account name getting populated once we select the Contract Number on Order.

Harsha Deepthi