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Jeyan Burns-OorjithamJeyan Burns-Oorjitham 

Are the Base Lightning Web Components (like the lightning-carousel) open source?

Hi all,

We are working on building a custom carousel for one of the pages in our customer community.

We like the the lightning carousel, but need to customize it to add more than five images and remove the white box with black text at the bottom of each image.


We would like our custom carousel to be a Lightning web component.

We found the HTML and CSS available as part of the Lightning Design System here.

However, we couldn't find the JavaScript code for the carousel anywhere.

We searched pretty extensively in this repo:

But that repo only seemed to be the compiler for Lightning Web Components. That repo does not seem to contain the HTML, CSS, and JS for any of the Base Lightning Web Components.

Are we understanding this correctly?
In other words, is the JS code for the lightning-carousel closed source even though the HTML and CSS has been released?

Thank you!
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Amol Rokade 26Amol Rokade 26
Hi Jey,

I think your underdstanding is correct. lightning-carousel is closed source because on https://lwc.dev/#getting-started website where salesforce is saying LWC is open source,we are unable to find lightning-carousel or any particular tag with lightning- prefix.

Thanks you,