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Why user Is able to see record type even It has been removed from profile?

Hi All,
I have removed record type from the profile but, user is still able see the record type when creating new record. I have checked default recort types on user personal settings, The removed record type is available on the default recort types on user personal settings. I try to remove this record type but there is no remove option over there. How do we remove it and what might be the reason for this.
Team NubesEliteTeam NubesElite
Hi Mohan,
Depending on your Org Wide sharing settings, you should be able to accomplish fairly simply. If you navigate to the user profile in question and navigate to the object settings section, you should just have to uncheck the "Assigned Record Types" box next to the Record Type that you do not want to appear on the profile's new record creation screen. This setting controls which record types are available for record creation:
User-added image
Take the above situation for example: In this example, users in this profile can create records with RecordTypeA (they won't even have a choice for Record Type, since it is the only one assigned to them and it's set to the default). These users cannot create records with Record Type C, but if there are records with that Record Type, they still may be able to see them.

If your object sharing default is set to private, users might be granted access to Record Type C records through the Role Hierarchy. You can always create a sharing rule to open up access further.

Thank You

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