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How to add new fields to Service Console layout in lightning

Hi All,
How to add the custom fields to Service Console layout for Case Page layout in Lightning.
In the below screenshot, i would lke to add other custom fields.
I have tried by adding it in Case Page Layout-->Highlights Panel, but it is not working.
User-added imageThanks,

There are two parts to this: 1) creating an object action and 2) selecting that action from the Related Record component in the Lightning App Builder.

1) Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Case, then click on the Buttons, Links and Actions. Create a new Action, Action Type should be Update a Record. After you save, it will bring you to the Action Page Layout Editor where you can add the fields.

2) The Case Details card (circled in blue) can be modified by clicking on the gear in the top right, then clicking on Edit Page. This will take you to the Lightning App Builder, where you can click on the Case Details card. It should be a Related Record component. Change the Update Action  to be the new Action you created in step 1. 

Thanks Richter. With your instrcutions I am able to achieve the requirement which is in Blue Circle.
How to add the field to layout which is in Red Circle. In Edit Page, I am not able find this.

In the Split View, it is displaying the First 4 desired fields.
Followed the above steps.