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Force.com IDE Schema Explorer Alternative

One of my favorite features of the Force.com IDE is the schema explorer.  I find it very easy to find the schema information I am looking for.  I also like the ease of generating a query with a few clicks.  It also connects to Salesforce from your IP address.  

Now that the Force.com IDE is being retired, are there any alternatives to its schema explorer with similar features?

VSCode with the Salesforce Extension Pack (https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/2019/07/salesforce-ides-july-2019-updates.html) is your best bet at this point. There's something called "Org Browser" that will get you some of what you're looking for.
The Org Browser is pretty neat, but it does not help with system objects like UserPackageLicense, etc.  Workbench is a decent alternative but not when there are IP restrictions in place.  I guess I'll use Eclipse for the schema explorer until it explodes one day.