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How to Copy the Data from Roll-up Summary Field to a other Field

Hi All,
With the Roll-Up Summary field, I have calculated the Sum of the Child Records, but Roll-Up Summary field is a Read Only Field.
Users should able to edit the field, so I have created another Custom field and when user clicks the Button, the data should copy Roll-Up Summary to custom field.
I am trying to use the Autolauched Flows and invoke the flows with the Button, but if we use the flows, it will open another window and it will says flows finished.
I don't want to navigate to different page. When we click the button, it should update the field.

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Hi Naren,
You can achieve this requirement like this please try the below image steps.
User-added image

Thank You

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Thanks for the reply.
Are you using the Workflow to copy the Roll-Up summary field data to Normal field. With the above screenshot I am not able to get what option you have used.
Appreciated your help.