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Tyler MakulaTyler Makula 

Apex trigger for assigning value to custom field on Event

I am trying to write an Apex Trigger that will automatically assign a value of 'Meeting' to the custom picklist field Activity_Type__c on the Event object. Because this is a required field, the only way it can be Null is if the Event was created through Lightning Sync from Outlook to Salesforce. I am getting a code coverage error for this. Does anyone have any ideas on improving this code?

trigger Update_Event_Activity_Type on Event (before insert) {

     try {  
    //iterate over the new activities
    for(Event newEvent : trigger.new){
        if(newEvent.Activity_Type__c == Null){
            newEvent.Activity_Type__c = 'Meeting';
    Catch(Exception e){
Andrew GAndrew G
Hi Tyler

A few options to try before tackling the Apex trigger.

1. Did you try using a default value on the picklist values so that it defautls to 'Meeting' on creation?

2. Have you checked using a process builder to handle the field update?  

both these options would obviously avoid the need for test coverage.

If you want to go with a Trigger, first questions -
1. Is it a validation rule that is enforcing the field value? or
2. a required field at Object level? or
3. a 'required field' setting on the page layout?

If you have a required field at the Page Layout level, (my preferred option), your test data can avoid the need to populate the field when being inserted.