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Nidhi BanerjeeNidhi Banerjee 

blob file attachement

HI ,
Our ERP system creates Invoices as a  PDF file and store in a blob. We want this blob to be imported in salesforce under each related opportunity. Please let me know how we can do this. Any link / code will be useful and appreciated.

Nidhi B
Neha AggrawalNeha Aggrawal
Hi Nidhi,

I can recommend uploading the files through REST API. I have explored this solution in this post: https://initaura.com/uploading-attachment-through-rest-api-salesforce-simple-working-solution/
The above solution takes the file using an HTML form and attaches it to a Salesforce case record. You can modify it to run a scheduler that reads new files and attaches them to Salesforce. To attach them to relevant opportunity, if file itself can be named as the Opportunity Id of Salesforce, that might work. 
I have not tested it however.

Hope this helps.
Thanks and Regards, 
Neha Aggrawal
www.initaura.com - Everything Salesforce (https://www.initaura.com)

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