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Herland CidHerland Cid 

Language always goes locale specific, even if I select English

Whenever I change the language of trailhead from the bottom page, I login and everything, I open trailhead again once I restart browser, and it's always back to the locale language. How come this is not at least saved through profile? I am used to doing trailheads, and everything in english, spanish does not help me.
Nikhil SutharNikhil Suthar
As far as i know and i cross checked in trailhead settings it doesn't provide us to set specific language.Their system might setting our language by our location.This can be the cause why your language always get default to local when you login again.
Herland CidHerland Cid
Yes, this is right. This should not work this way, how can I report this?
Nikhil SutharNikhil Suthar
Yes,you can post your idea here.
Nubes Elite Technologies Pvt. LtdNubes Elite Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Hi Herland,

Did you try changing your Default Language.
In your org goto Setup, left hand side search for Company Information, change the Default Language to your desired language.

Thank You,
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