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Jasmeen Kaur 22Jasmeen Kaur 22 

Append Numbers or Percentage in one field from another field.

Hi Experts
How can i create a formula to Append Discount fileds (Percentge or number)

Actually the case is,
On Case Object, I created a field "Discount" and "Discount History". In our organisation, time to time we offer certain value of discounts to our customers and I tried creating something to track the discount history like when was the last discount given to this account and last discount value using this formula.

$User.LastName + ', ' + $User.FirstName + ' ' + TEXT(Today()) + ' - ' + Discount__c + BR() + BR() + Discount_History__c
"But I am getting error that expected TEXT and recieved number" because discount is a number.

Any help will be highly appreciated.
Andrew GAndrew G
A clue is in the formula you have shared.

Used the TEXT() around the discount field  TEXT(Discount__c)

TEXT() converts a Percent, Number, Date, Date/Time, picklist, or Currency field into Text.