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Business Administration Specialist Super badge Challenge 3 - Open Support Cases Report

Most of us might be reeciving a following error message while solving the stage 3 of this super badge.

Open Support Cases Challange

The Ursa Major Solar Residential Sales team loves their customers and strives to help them resolve their support issues. Whether it’s the family in town experiencing a faulty converter or the researcher in the desert with a loose panel banging in the wind, the team is here to help. To focus on the most pressing cases first, the team needs a report showing open cases for all accounts grouped first by Account Name then Priority.
Create a summary report (called Open Support Cases). The report should show details and only include the fields Case Owner, Subject, and Case Reason.

Error message we receive
Open support cases
Kavita Badgujar 10Kavita Badgujar 10

I was receiving this error message while solving the "Business Administration Specialist" Stage 3 challenge. But after several attempts, I was able to resolve this issue. The solution worked for me is as below;
NOTE: Switch to the Lightning Experience to create a report.

  1. Click on create a new report.
  2. Choose the Cases report type. 
  3. Include the fields Case Owner, Subject, and Case Reason and drop report as column field.
  4. On Left corner, click in Outline option.
  5. Observe the Group Rows option, add the grouping first by Account Name then Priority.
  6. Go to the Filters option and add filter "Status equals New". (Note: By default, there will be three filters will be present. So keep them as it is. Filters available "Show me = All Cases"; "Opened Date = All Time"; "Unit = Hours").
  7. Save & Run the report as mentioned in the challenge theory.

Solution Image1: 
Open Support cases step 1

Solution Image 2:
open support cases report step 2

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