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How to deploy report subfolders correctly from GIT?

Hi all,

my colleagues have been trying to deploy report subfolders from GIT to another Sandbox environment. After deployment these subfolders appear as folders but not contained in the report folder.
For example, you have this structure:

Service Reports --> Folder
In the Service Reports folder you have two subfolders 'Service Reports 1' and 'Service Reports 2' subfolders.

On GIT these are being correctly shown as subfolders:
<members>Service_Reports</members>     <members>Service_Reports/ServiceReports1</members>     <members>Service_Reports/ServiceReports1/Service_Report_within_the_ServiceReports1_subfolder</members>
But once deployed, the subfolders appear as folders and not as subfolders within the Service Reports folder, why?.
Are my colleagues missing something so that report subfolders are not being correctly deployed as such from GIT?
Jörn Flath 15Jörn Flath 15
Hi, have you gotten any reply or a solution to this?