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Massimiliano CiarroccaMassimiliano Ciarrocca 

Make images attached publicly available

Hi all,
we complete a lot of Service Appointments wih FSL everyday. Something like 200 a day. Every service appointment has 4 or 5 pictures attached. I need this picture to be publicly available, without any authentication.
I can reach them from the customer community but it seems to be impossible to publish them for guest users in the Public community. Tehy told me from support that the only way is to copy this picture with a trigger in the public community. 
Do you think it's a correct method? Or you have any other suggestion for me?

Thank you in advance.
Evie HurstEvie Hurst
I tried to understand how it works without success. If you right-click the context menu, it shows a link to a source where a program is inscribed. It doesn't take me anymore. I tried to copy the images. It works, but the images don't move anymore. https://childrensbookillustrators.net/
Massimiliano CiarroccaMassimiliano Ciarrocca
Hi Evie, in the end I used Skyvia that has a function to copy images in an FTP space.