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Error: Compile Error: Invalid type: Schema.Location


     I'm modifying an existing APEX class to search through existing location objects to determine if a new one needs to be created in a particular situation. When I try to save the new code, I get the following error : Error: Compile Error: Invalid type: Schema.Location at line 189 column 34. My first guess based on research was that i must have the wrong name for the location object. Note here that i am using the standard SFDC Location object. As far as i can tell, the name is simply "Location" no more / no less, According to SFDC documentation and Our Enterprise WSDL. Second guess is that myself or whatever user is 'compiling' the code on save must not have permission to the Location object. I double checked that myself and API User both have access, they do. I'm at a brick wall here. I've simplified to code on the line in question to simply: "List<Location> locList = [Select id from Location ];" and I’m still getting the error. I then switched to the following:
1) List<Location> locList = new List<Location>();
2) locList = [Select id from Location];
I tried splitting the statement into two lines in order to better pinpoint the issue, in this situation I get the error on the second line, the query line, like I can create a list of locations, but I cannot populate it with a very basic select all query.

Does anyone have any idea on what could be going on here?

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     Okay, I believe I have figured out the issue. I essentially had two items named the same thing. Not with one having an '__c' but literally two objects called "Location". If you would have told me this was the issue last week, I would not have believed you. 
     So, I noticed that the API version attached to the trigger was out of date, so I went ahead and changed it from like version 36 to 45. This changed the error I was getting. Now it was saying that I was doing an illegal comparison between type Location and system.Location. I then tried all permutations of system.Location in my query and none of them worked. On a whim I tried using the keyword schema, as in schema.Location in the definition of the list and it worked. 
    Just for some context we just installed Field Service Lightning (FSL) which is a package directly from SFDC. This package comes with a Location and Address Object. I believe that since these objects are directly from SFDC and not custom, the system did not add the __c and now requires schema.object.
     So just to be totally clear, the right way to write the code, in my situation was like this:
     1) List<schema.Location> locList = new List<Location>();
     2) locList = [Select id from Location];
    This seems to be due to the fact that there is a System.Location that is assumed by the system when you just type location.