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Neha Agrawal 7Neha Agrawal 7 

Can Anyone let me know how can I get the Integration value of "State and Country/Territory Picklists" in apex code

Nubes Elite Technologies Pvt. LtdNubes Elite Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Hello Neha,

You can refer this Documentation (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=admin_state_country_picklists_integ_values.htm&type=5) it will help you.

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Deepali KulshresthaDeepali Kulshrestha
Hi Neha,

Configuring picklists is not required for you to enable state and country picklists
for users, but it’s highly recommended and you can follow the below steps to enable it:

1. From Setup, enter State and Country Picklists in the Quick Find box, then select State and Country Picklists.

2. On the State and Country Picklists setup page, click Configure states and countries.

3.Select from the following options:

4.Makes the country available in the Metadata API so that records that contain the country can be imported. However, unless you also set it as visible, the country isn’t available to users in Salesforce.
 Visible makes the country available to users in Salesforce. A country has to be active before you can make it visible.

5. Click Edit to view and edit details for the country, including to configure its states or provinces.
(Optional) Under Picklist Settings, select a Default Country. The Default Country automatically populates country picklists for new records in your org, but users can select a different country. Default countries must be both active and visible.

6. Click Save to save your configuration.

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Raghu NaniRaghu Nani
Hi Neha,

I tried to fetch the integration value in apex from morning, but i coudnt able to find the any solution. Please share if you have any update