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flow builder component visibility not working with choice values?

I've spent a good part of the day trying to figure out how / why the "Set Component Visibility" works. 

I have a radio buttons components with two choice values:
Select an existing contact
Create new contact

It defaults to Select an existing contact.  The idea is, it default to / displays the Select Existing contact record choice set radio buttons when that value is selected.
Otherwise, it shows several text fields for new contact values if they select create new contact.

 This does not seem to work in several instances and I"m not sure if the component visibility is buggy or I just don't understand how to use it.

For example, the "Select an existing contact" originally had a value of true.  If my component visibility condition is based on the choice equals true, it never works even though the debug shows that value.  If I base it on the radio buttons value being true, it doesn't work either.

To troubleshoot, I changed the "Select an existing contact" value to existing.  

When the component visibility criteria is based on the radio buttons value equals existing, it works and shows / hides the corresponding radio buttons correctly.  

If I change the component visibility based on the choice value equals existing, it does not work.

Based on the documentation, a choice value should be null if it's not selected and should be the specified value when selected so I'm not sure why basing the visibility on the actual choice value doesn't work.  

Also, I don't understand why using "true" as a text value doesn't work in any scenario.

Ideas on the best practices for component visibility and what fields / values to use or not use?

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