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DivyanshD SinghDivyanshD Singh 

Add two columns in a section of Layout by Metadata Apex

Here is my code for a separate section and a column.I need to 2 two columns as i have many field to show on that section of layout.
Can anyone help how to divide a section in two columns by apex.I am using Metadata API currently.
            layout.layoutSections = new List<MetadataService.LayoutSection>();
        MetadataService.LayoutSection newLayoutSection = new MetadataService.LayoutSection();
        newLayoutSection.customLabel = true;
        newLayoutSection.detailHeading = true;
        newLayoutSection.editHeading = true;
        newLayoutSection.label = 'Keyword fields';
        newLayoutSection.style = 'TwoColumnsLeftToRight';}

jit chakjit chak
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jit chakjit chak
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DivyanshD SinghDivyanshD Singh
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Annu ChoudharyAnnu Choudhary
Hi Divyansh,
Please try this one.
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public static void runUpdateLayouts(){ 
     // 'Give the full name of layout Like : objectapiname-layoutname
    Metadata.Layout la = getLayout('Test__c-Test Layout'); 
        Metadata.LayoutSection sec = new Metadata.LayoutSection();
        sec.customLabel = true;
        sec.detailHeading = true;
        sec.editHeading = true;
        sec.label = 'TestLayout';
        sec.style = metadata.LayoutSectionStyle.TwoColumnsLeftToRight;
        Metadata.LayoutColumn col1 = new Metadata.LayoutColumn();
		Metadata.LayoutColumn col2 = new Metadata.LayoutColumn();

        Metadata.LayoutItem layoutField = new Metadata.LayoutItem();
        layoutField.field = 'Parent_RecordId__c';
        layoutField.behavior = metadata.UiBehavior.Readonly;

        Metadata.LayoutItem layoutField2 = new Metadata.LayoutItem();
        layoutField2.field = 'frgAccount__c';
        layoutField2.behavior = metadata.UiBehavior.Readonly;

        Metadata.DeployContainer dc = new Metadata.DeployContainer();

        Id jobid = Metadata.Operations.enqueueDeployment(dc,null);

  public static Metadata.Layout getLayout(String layoutName){
        List<String> layoutList = new List<String>{layoutName};
        List<Metadata.Metadata> components = Metadata.Operations.retrieve(Metadata.MetadataType.Layout,layoutList);
        return (Metadata.Layout)components[0];

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Annu Choudhary