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B Venkat 2B Venkat 2 

Aura:iteration not working to iterate list in lightning component

When I am trying to iterate through list in aura:iteration is is not showing values as expected . But if I print list on UI I am able to see list of values.Only iteration not working.
User-added imageIf I write like this the below screen coming:
User-added imageRed color values coming on iteration.Blue color are printing list.
==> But If I modify code like below nothing printing inside iteration:
User-added imageOutput screen like below:
Only list printing no values in Iteration:
User-added image
Soyab HussainSoyab Hussain
Hi B Venkat,

According to me, you are getting JSON serialized data, 
so you need to parse that JSON before use in the iteration.

component.set( "v.commentHistory", JSON.parse(serialized_data) );

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