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HELP!- Test Apex Send Mail in a batch class!

Hi i'm lost in a test for a send email, i need to test if the email as sent, how i do that?

Thanks for your attention

Batch Class:
global class EmailCaringSenior implements Schedulable, Database.Batchable<sObject> {
    Account estipulante;
	global Database.QueryLocator start(Database.BatchableContext BC) {
        	estipulante = [SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE RecordTypeId IN (SELECT Id FROM RecordType WHERE Name = 'Estipulante' AND SObjectType = 'Account') AND Name = 'Caring Senior'];
        } catch(Exception e) {
             System.debug('The following exception has occurred: ' + e.getMessage());
        return Database.getQueryLocator([SELECT Name, CPF__pc FROM Account WHERE Estipulante__c = :estipulante.Id AND CreatedDate = TODAY]);
   	global void execute(Database.BatchableContext BC, List<sObject> scope) {
		List<Account> accounts = (List<Account>) scope;
        String listaPaciente = '';
        Integer contagem = 0;
		for(Account paciente : accounts){
            listaPaciente +=  contagem + '. ' + paciente.Name + ' (CPF: ' + paciente.CPF__pc + ') <br>';
		String dataOntem = DateTime.now().addDays(-1).format('dd-MM-yyyy');
		Messaging.SingleEmailMessage message = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
        message.toAddresses = new String[] { 'gabrielmocelin@unochapeco.edu.br' };
        message.subject = 'Ace - Novos Pacientes (' + dataOntem +  ')';
        message.setHtmlBody('Olá Gestor, <br> Abaixo uma lista de pacientes carregados no Health Cloud ontem (' + dataOntem + '): <br><br> ' + listaPaciente);
        for(OrgWideEmailAddress owa : [SELECT Id, Address, DisplayName FROM OrgWideEmailAddress]) 
           if(owa.DisplayName.contains('Caring Senior'))
        Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[] messages =   new List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage> {message};
        Messaging.SendEmailResult[] results = Messaging.sendEmail(messages);
        if (results[0].success) 
            System.debug('The email was sent successfully.');
        } else 
            System.debug('The email failed to send: ' + results[0].errors[0].message);

	global void execute(SchedulableContext sc) {
		EmailCaringSenior b = new EmailCaringSenior();
	global void finish(Database.BatchableContext BC) {
Test Class:
public class Test_EmailCaringSenior {
    static testMethod void testInsertDetecta()
        Integer contasAntes = [SELECT COUNT() FROM Account];
        System.assertEquals(contasAntes, 0);
        RecordType estipulanteRecordType = [SELECT Id FROM RecordType WHERE Name = 'Estipulante' AND SObjectType = 'Account'];
        Account estipulante = new Account();
        estipulante.RecordTypeId = estipulanteRecordType.Id;             
        estipulante.Name = 'Caring Senior';
        insert estipulante;
        Datetime dataAnteOntem = Datetime.now().addDays(-2);
        Test.setCreatedDate(estipulante.Id, dataAnteOntem);
        RecordType personAccountRecordType = [SELECT Id FROM RecordType WHERE Name = 'Paciente' AND SObjectType = 'Account'];
        Account paciente = new Account();
        paciente.RecordType = personAccountRecordType;             
        paciente.FirstName = 'Teste';
        paciente.LastName = 'Sobrenome';
        paciente.CPF__pc = '133.173.513-06';
        paciente.Estipulante__c = estipulante.id;
        insert paciente;
        Datetime dataOntem = Datetime.now().addDays(-1);
        Test.setCreatedDate(paciente.Id, dataOntem);

			Account myAccount = [SELECT Id, Name, CreatedDate FROM Account WHERE Name ='Teste Sobrenome' LIMIT 1];
        	System.assertEquals(myAccount.CreatedDate, dataOntem);	
           	Account estipulanteTest = [SELECT Id, CreatedDate FROM Account WHERE Name = 'Caring Senior' AND RecordTypeId = :estipulanteRecordType.Id];
			System.assertEquals(estipulanteTest.Id, estipulante.id);
        	System.assertEquals(estipulanteTest.CreatedDate, dataAnteOntem);
            EmailCaringSenior b = new EmailCaringSenior();

Max H. GoldfarbMax H. Goldfarb
  1. You can use the SendEmailResult Class https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta/apexcode/apex_classes_email_outbound_sendemailresult.htm
  2. I like to send my emails in the finish context of my batch classes if I can, you would just need to store any variables globally
private static void sendsEmail() { 
MyBatch batch = new MyBatch(); 

System.assertEquals(1, Limits.getEmailInvocations()); 

Using the above kind of test you can achieve this. As @Max H. Goldfarb suggestion it's better to move to send mail part in the finish method of a Batch since that's the recommended way.
Joshua GolightlyJoshua Golightly
Hi there.Dont panic plz.

For the future, if possible - keep your letters in the final context of group classes, while large variables must be stored globally. SendEmailResult Class will be useful also, I just trying trial email sending here https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta/apexcode/apex_classes_email_outbound_sendemailresult.htm for the site https://rocketpayz.com/slots-paypal/free-casino-slots/.

As @Hariprasath said you can sing the above kind of test. This will solve the problem.