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Erik SoelaksanaErik Soelaksana 

Get contactHistory in flow or parent account


I'm trying to get a specific field from the Contact object into its master Account object. I've done this through a process/flow combination (trigger on every update, flow stores the new value in the account), but I also need the lastModified date of that field.

What is the best way to do this? Do I need to build a new process/flow combination that stores the lastmodified date on every update of a contact? I tried this, but could not find how to access contactHistory in the process builder or flow. Help would be much appreciated!

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Syed Insha Jawaid 2Syed Insha Jawaid 2
Hi Erik

You can enable field tracking on account as well if you wish to know the lastmodifieddate of that fieldIf in case you want to capture it on account in a field explicitly then on the process builder where you are updating the value update another field for Date/Time capture of account.
This way you will get to know when was the field modified.

Erik SoelaksanaErik Soelaksana
Hi Syed, thanks for your reply. I've tried capturing the lastmodified time of the field I'm interested in (lets call it 'Comments'), but shouldn't I do this in a flow rather than process? In flows, I cannot access the history field. I am doing the following:
  1. Whenever a contact is updated or created, trigger a process
  2. The process triggers a flow
  3. The flow selects the account related to that contact
  4. The flow then selects all contacts related to that account
  5. Now I want to sort all contacts by Comments__history.lastModifiedDate (or whatever it is called) in ascending order (to capture the most recent one), but this field is not selectable in my flow. If I type in 'Comments' in the 'Sort By' field, it only shows me 'Comments__c' as an option

Do you know how I could sort by Comments_history.lastModifiedDate?
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