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Claire Sunderland 1Claire Sunderland 1 

LREngine rollup with multiple field results

I am an admin attempting to modify a prior LREngine class in our Salesforce to rollup activity records onto Leads. I want to only rollup activities that meet certain criteria and am able to do so fine with one criteria but when I add 2 criteria I get a 'Constructor not defined' error so it seems the code doesn't allow more than one field result entry. Does anyone know a way around that so I can add multiple criteria?

Code is below. I'm getting an error on the second critiera where 'RecordType = \'Demo\''
public class ActivityRollups {

    public static void doRollups(Task[] objects) {

        LREngine.Context ctx = new LREngine.Context(Lead.SobjectType, // parent object
                                               Task.SobjectType, // child object
                                               Schema.SObjectType.Task.fields.WhoID // relationship field name

               new LREngine.RollupSummaryField(

        LREngine.Context ctxDemoAttended = new LREngine.Context(Lead.SobjectType, // parent object
                                               Task.SobjectType, // child object
                                                Schema.SObjectType.Task.fields.WhoID, // relationship field name
                                                'Call_Status__c = \'Attended\'', // filter / field result
                                                'RecordType = \'Demo\'' // filter / field result

         Sobject[] masters = LREngine.rollUp(ctx, objects);
         Sobject[] mastersDemoAttended = LREngine.rollUp(ctxDemoAttended, objects);

        masters = null;

        mastersDemoAttended = null;


    private static void updateRecords(Sobject[] pMasters) {
        try {
            update pMasters;
        catch (System.DMLException ex) {
            String s = ex.getMessage();
            if (s.containsIgnoreCase('FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION') && !Trigger.IsDelete) {
                Trigger.New[0].addError( s.substring( s.indexof('FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION')+35,  s.indexof(': [') ) );
            } else {
                throw ex;


Brian RomanowskiBrian Romanowski
The filters should be combined into 1, not comma seperated. To filter on the record type name it should be RecordType.DeveloperName.