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shyamala sudhir 3shyamala sudhir 3 

Reporting Specialist Superbadge: Step 7 - Create the Solarbot Dashboard : The 'Solarbot Pipeline by Stage' component is the incorrect size or in the incorrect position.

Hello, Team,

I think I would have read all the responses in the various communiities to try and solve this error -  The 'Solarbot Pipeline by Stage' component is the incorrect size or in the incorrect position - but two days of efforts have been unsuccessful.

I removed the picklist values that were not required by deactivating them for this challenge. It did not helpr. In a couple of posts there were suggestions to place the component on the upper right and tried out that too.

I do not see a "Sort by rows" option for formatting the dashoard. 

This is how my dashbord formatting window looks like:
Error message on first dashboard challengeAnd, that is how my component appears:
Componnent 1
Hope to understand where/what I am missing. 

Thanks in advance for your help with this!


Jega DeivaJega Deiva
Hi Shyamala,

   Please check the dashboard component size (6*4),position must be upper left and max group display = 9

   It may help you.

shyamala sudhir 3shyamala sudhir 3
Hello, Jega, 

Thanks for trying to help. I had tried all that out actually before making the post. Incidentally, without making any further changes, it worked and I was able to complete the challenge. Regards, Shyamala
User-added image

Final Dashnoard Picture.

Please make sure to select proper x-axis to y-axis ratio.
1. SolarBot Pipeline by Stage - 4X9 component- meaning - 4 blocks horizontally and 9 blocks vertically. Position - LEFTMOST CORNER
2. Case Drivers and SolarBot Ownership - 5X9 components - meaning - 5 blocks horizontally and 9 blocks vertically. Position - RIGHTMOST CORNER
3.  Temperature and Kilowatt Hour Relationship - 4X7 component - meaning - 4 blocks horizontally and 7 blocks vertically. Position - BELOW SOLARBOT PIPELINE BY STAGE REPORT
4. SolarBot Evangelism Countdown - 3X9 component - meaning - 3 blocks horizontally and 9 blocks vertically. Position: Between topmost reports
5. Opportunity Overview -  8X7 components - 8 blocks horizontally and 7 blocks vertically. Position: Below the SolarBot Evangelism Countdown and Case Drivers and SolarBot Ownership components.

I hope this helps. Continue Learning.
Shyamala, I know your problem is solved. I am putting all this information for other traiblazers. Your thread is top search for this prticular problem. 

Christine RothChristine Roth
Thank you very much, Harsha! Your explanation saves a lot of time and headaches!
Xavier BelpommeXavier Belpomme
Thank you very much, Harsha, you also helped me. I would like to add that when it is required " X coordinate 7" it means 7 empty cases before inserting the graph.