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Xero oAuth2.0 salesforce

Hi All,

I'm new to oAuth2.0. Can anyone help how to integrate Xero with salesforce using oAuth2.0?

Debaranjan GhoshDebaranjan Ghosh
Posting some links that might be useful to you.
https://www.tutorialspoint.com/oauth2.0/index.htm   ----gives details of oauth2.0

Salesforce to Xero Integration Using oAuth2.0  --- looks like this is what you are looking for 


Debaranjan GhoshDebaranjan Ghosh
Another one on this 
Debaranjan GhoshDebaranjan Ghosh
Last one that I posted was not for oAuth2.0 but integrating xero with Salesforce using workato 
Debaranjan GhoshDebaranjan Ghosh
I also saw a similar thread here 
Naudine MosimeNaudine Mosime

If you are still on the market for an integration solution, may I suggest you check out Commercient's integration app for Salesforce and Xero https://www.commercient.com/product/sync-integration-for-xero-and-salesforce/