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Shruthi NarsiShruthi Narsi 

Populate Record Id's


I have written triggers to sync quotes on opportunity products

Can but in opportunity name feild product name is not getting displayed instead some numbers are getting displyed. According to me it is opportunity id's. Can anyone help me with the code.

Below is the snip for your reference

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trigger QuoteLineItemTrigger on Quotes__c (after insert, after update)
    Map<Id,Id> quoteIdToOppId =new Map<Id,Id>();
    Map<Id,List<QuoteLineitem__c>> quoteIdToLineItems = new Map<Id,List<QuoteLineitem__c>>();
    List<OpportunityLineItem__c> oppLineItems = new List<OpportunityLineItem__c>();
    Map<Id,String> oppIdtoName = new Map<Id,String>();
    for(Quotes__c q : trigger.new) {
        if(q.IsSyncing__c && q.IsSyncing__c  != Trigger.oldMap.get(q.Id).IsSyncing__c ) 
            quoteIdToOppId.put(q.id, q.OpportunityId__c);
    System.debug('UAC: quoteIdToOppId ' + quoteIdToOppId);
    for( QuoteLineitem__c qli :[SELECT Id, Product2Id__c,Product2Id__r.name,Quantity__c,ServiceDate__c, QuotesId__c,ListPrice__c,Line_Item_Description__c,Total_Price__c,Product2Id__r.Product_Code__c,UnitPrice__c  
                                FROM QuoteLineitem__c WHERE QuotesId__c =:quoteIdToOppId.keyset() ])  {
        List<QuoteLineitem__c> tempList = quoteIdToLineItems.get(qli.QuotesId__c) ;
        if(tempList == null)   {            
            templist = new List<QuoteLineitem__c>();
            quoteIdToLineItems.put(qli.QuotesId__c, templist);           
    System.debug('UAC: quoteIdToLineItems ' + quoteIdToLineItems);
    for(Opportunities__c opp : [SELECT Id , Name  FROM Opportunities__c WHERE ID IN :quoteIdToOppId.values()] )  {
        oppIdtoName.put(opp.id, opp.Name)   ;
    System.debug('UAC: oppIdtoName ' + quoteIdToLineItems);
    for(Quotes__c q : Trigger.new)    {
        if(q.IsSyncing__c && quoteIdToLineItems.containsKey(q.Id)) {
            for(QuoteLineitem__c qli : quoteIdToLineItems.get(q.Id))  {
                OpportunityLineItem__c oli = new OpportunityLineItem__c();
                oli.OpportunityId__c = quoteIdToOppId.get(qli.QuotesId__c); 
                System.debug(' qli.Product2Id__r.name ' +  qli.Product2Id__r.name);
                oli.Name = qli.Product2Id__r.name;
                System.debug(' qli.Product2Id__c ' +  qli.Product2Id__c);
                System.debug(' qli.ListPrice__c ' +  qli.ListPrice__c);
                System.debug(' qli.Line_Item_Description__c ' +  qli.Line_Item_Description__c);
                oli.Product2Id__c = qli.Product2Id__c; 
                oli.Quantity__c = qli.Quantity__c; 
                oli.ListPrice__c = integer.valueof(qli.ListPrice__c); 
                oli.Description__c = qli.Line_Item_Description__c;
                oli.ServiceDate__c = qli.ServiceDate__c;
                oli.Total_Price__c = qli.Total_Price__c;
                oli.ProductCode__c = qli.Product2Id__r.Product_Code__c;
                oli.Sales_Price__c =qli.UnitPrice__c;
        System.debug('UAC: oppLineItems ' + oppLineItems);
        if(oppLineItems.size() > 0) 
            insert oppLineItems ;

Rishabh Bansal 23Rishabh Bansal 23
Hi Shruthi,

As in the code:-
you are doing   oli.OpportunityId__c = quoteIdToOppId.get(qli.QuotesId__c); where quoteIdToOppId is an map of quoteId to opportunity Id so, that  is why it is showing opportunity id instead of name.
Also, in the opportunity name field, you want the opportunity name so, you need to make a map of opportunity id to opportunity name or the whole opportunity itself. Same goes for the product.

Rishabh Bansal
Shruthi NarsiShruthi Narsi
Can you change the code . I dont want opp name I want the product name.....as per requirement
Rishabh Bansal 23Rishabh Bansal 23
can you show me the code in front end for displaying the records