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How to use React Library in VF Page/ Lightning Component

my UI team has an Internal React Library which we want to use to uniform the Force.com site styles similar to React js library styles.
I have react native library bundle but don't know how I can use that in VF Page.
The idea is to copy the styles of button, picklist and banners from react js.
Can someone please direct me to a document or link to understand the usage or help me on how to do it.
karthikeyan perumalkarthikeyan perumal

KInldy refer the links below,  you have to user script tag in VF page and refer those lib.



https://www.oyecode.com/2015/09/getting-started-with-reactjs-and.html​​​​​​​ (https://www.oyecode.com/2015/09/getting-started-with-reactjs-and.html)

Hope this hlep you.