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James Kacerguis 5James Kacerguis 5 

Salesforce VSCode project - how to delete and issues with Google drive

I'm new to VS Code and trying to setup my first project following this trailhead - https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/projects/quickstart-vscode-salesforce/use-vscode-for-salesforce

I stored the project in google drive.  I'm now running into the issue of my pc cpu usage spiking to 100% and the google drive continuously syncing.  If I kill google drive, it seems to work as expected.

So, can I not store projects in a cloud drive like google drive?
Also, how to I quite / delete this project so I can recreate it locally?  I don't see any way to even close a project from explorer view.  

Thanks in advance.
Hi James,

I am not sure about the your project being stored in the google drive and you trying to access it directly in VS Code.
 I would recommend that you create you project locally and then you copy it to your google drive and if you want to access it on some other machine, you could probably download it from the drive and access it locally from VS Code providing the proper path to your project wherever you stored it.
The solution to your other problem is very simple. You could select the project you want to delete/close in the VS code and then click on "File" - Select "Close Folder". That should do the job.
To permanently delete it from your system you could go to your storage folder and remove it from there as well.

Hope this helps.