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James Kacerguis 5James Kacerguis 5 

Search all validation rules by downloading all objects in VS Code?

I'm working on a way to easily search all of our validation rules for specific strings.  Many of the rules contain reference to role name.  We're planning on updating our role names and we'll need to update all these rules.

I have setup VS Code and thought I would be able to easily download all objects, (standard and custom - and i'm more concerned about standard ones), but I can't find a way to do so.  If I use Org Browser and click the Retrieve icon at the Custom Objects level, it only downloads the custom objects.  I can click retrieve next to each standard object, but this is time consuming.  

Does anyone know of the best way to download all objects easily.  Additionally, does anyone know a better way of specifically searching all validation rules other than searching every object file - e.g. narrowing the search to just validation rules?