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Jasmin -Not a super adminJasmin -Not a super admin 

Formula Help - Not working

I'm in need of some technical help and was hoping you will be kind enough to assist??
I have created this formula field
IF(Active_PL_Membership_Count__c>0, "Primary Member"&IF( Membership_NDA__c = TRUE," - NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT",""),
IF(NOT(ISBLANK( Inherit_Member_Access__c)), "Related to Member",
IF(Parent_Child_Has_Membership__c =TRUE, "Related to Member",
IF(Orignal_Membership_Start_Date__c > Today(), "Pending Member",
IF(AND (NOT(ISBLANK(Membership_Expiry_Most_Recent__c)),Membership_Expiry_Most_Recent__c> today()), "Pending Member",
IF(Active_SEIC_Membership_Count__c>0, "SEIC Member",
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Membership_Expiry_Most_Recent__c)), "Expired Member",
"Not Member")))))))
However I don't think it is working: as there was an account that did not have "Inherit_Member_Access__c" box checked OR "Parent_Child_Has_Membership__c =TRUE" yet the child accounts account membership status was 'Related to member'
let me know if this doesn't make any sense; or if you cant help I really appreciate your time and effort.
Anthony McDougaldAnthony McDougald
Hello Jasmin,
Hope that your day is off to an amazing start. We would first like to inquire as to the goal of this formula field and what is the data type of each field. We look forward to serving you and we thank you for your time. Have a blessed day.
Best Regards,
Anthony McDougald