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Sumit RaySumit Ray 

Log Button in Opportunity Page

When I open any opportunity from the outlook sidepanel, there is a Log button to the top extreme right, which actually opens a page to send an email.
Is there any way to remove that log button?
Hi, There are 2 buttons one for classic and other for lighting. From your statement I understand its for lighting view. Steps below.

1) Open the paage-layout.
2) Remove the button from "Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions".
3) Save the layout.
4) After this theremoved button should not appear on that layout.

Hope this helps!
Sumit RaySumit Ray
Hi Prady01,
Have tried the page layout option. But there is no button as such in the page layout. Have tried to remove the log Email button as the Log button in the outlook side panel is basically sending an email. But that did no help.