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Leandro de Oliveira 1Leandro de Oliveira 1 

How to Disable or Deactivate Old Visual Flows in Salesforce?

I have a few Old Visual Flows in my org and need to disable (and delete, if its possible) them.
If you are talking about Flows under Process Automation this is how you would deactivate it -
Setup > type 'Flows' in Quick Find box > Click on Flows > scroll right across to click the drop down arrow> click 'View Details and Versions' > Scroll down to the section 'Flow Versions' > Click Deactivate.
Leandro de Oliveira 1Leandro de Oliveira 1
Thanks for your response.
As it is "Old Visual Flows" they do not appear in the list of flows. I can only access them (and know that they exist) via the "Where is it used?" in an Opportunity field.