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Sumesh ChandranSumesh Chandran 

System.debug not showing on logs

I have been having a wierd issue for sometime now, I am not getting any system.debug messages on my logs, instead I get a lot of not useful stuff. I am trying to print out the value of 'stat' here, it doesn't work at all.
sumchans__City_Stat__c stat = new sumchans__City_Stat__c();
stat.sumchans__ON_BILLINGS__c = onBillings;
stat.sumchans__OFF_BILLINGS__c = offBillings;             stat.sumchans__TOTAL_INTERNET_OFFERINGS__c = internetOfferings;
stat.sumchans__TOTAL_VIDEO_OFFERINGS__c = videoOfferings;
stat.sumchans__TOTAL_PHONE_OFFERINGS__c = phoneOfferings;
And here is the full log list. I done want any of these messages as of now, what I am only looking for is the System.debug messages.
Plz advise!
Naga  AlapatiNaga Alapati
Hi Sumesh,

You can filter the debug logs by checking the checkbox "Debug only" in developer console.

User-added image

Also, check for the debug level for Apex code. Go to Setup > Type "debug" in quick find > Debug Levels > look for the level that your user record is using and check for the level for Apex code and update it to Debug and try it again.

Sumesh ChandranSumesh Chandran
Hello Naga, The below is what I have as settings as of now, still it doesn't show System.debug messages.
User-added imageUser-added image
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