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Process Builder - Account Field Update after Lead Conversion

Hi All,

I have a process that maps a custom field from the Lead Object to a standard field on the Account Object and it also populates a lookup on the Opportunity, upon conversion.

It works perfectly fine, but I want it now to only map the value, if the Account is a new Account rather than existing.
  • The process fires when a record is created or edited.
  • Nod Criteria - conditions are met:
             [Lead].IsConverted = TRUE
  • Update Records: [Lead].Converted Account ID - meet all conditions:
           Condition: 1. Created Date = DATETIMEVALUE([Lead].ConvertedDate])

Update Records: standard field = [Lead].custom_field__c
  • Update Records: [Lead].Converted Opportunity ID
Contact = [Lead].ConvertedContactId

The PB doesn't populate the standard field on Account, because of the condition.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Anthony McDougaldAnthony McDougald
Hello Simion,
Hope that your day is off to an amazing start. May we ask why not update a record related to the Lead record (the Account record) and use the ISNEW() formula to check if the Account record is new or not before updating. Hope this helps and may God bless you abundantly.
Best Regards,