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Quinn FrancoQuinn Franco 

Data Loader Extraction Issue

Hey Everyone,

I'm trying to extract information via the Data Loader for a trailhead exercise. I've downloaded the application, and attempted to run the steps provided: 

The next step is to select the Account object, rename the file to be extracted and save it to your desktop. Note: All file names default to extract.csv. Renaming files prevents losing or overwriting them.
From the Select Salesforce Object list, select Account (Account).
In the Choose a target for extraction text box, enter Accounts Export.csv.
Click Browse…
Navigate to the desktop, click Save, then click Next.
Now create the necessary SOQL query.
Choose the query fields below:
To complete the where clause to your query, type (or copy and paste) WHERE Type LIKE '%Customer%' in the text box so your query looks like this:
Select Id, Name, Site FROM Account WHERE Type LIKE '%Customer%'
Click Finish, then click Yes. The Operation Finished window appears, reporting the number of successful extractions. Note: The resulting export file should contain 11 records.

I get this message as a result: 
Site FROM Account WHERE Type LIKE ‘%Customer%’                                  ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:51 line 1:51 no viable alternative at character '‘'
Can anyone provide some insight into how to fix this issue or how to proceed? 

Thanks for any help you could provide!

did you try using " "

Select Id, Name, Site FROM Account WHERE Type LIKE "%Customer%"


also you can use workbanch that will work perfact 

Quinn FrancoQuinn Franco

Thanks for your reply, I did try using " " with no success. I will look into Workbench, thank you for the suggestion.

I found out the issue - the smart quote feature was enabled on my mac & kept correcting it to a slanted quote instead of a straight quote so it wouldn't load. Very small detail that I missed, but because of your comment I was able to do research into the issue and fix it. You're the best!