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Salesforce CTI with Asterisk PBX


I want to integrate Salesforce with Asterisk PBX but i am having a hard time finding what system should i use for this, because all the posts i have seen are like 9 years old.

First of all i need that this integration works in South America.
Secondly i would need that this integration requires the least configuration from Asterisk PBX.

Suggestions are welcome
Thank you for your answers

Best regards

Hi Rodrigo,
You should go with https://github.com/developerforce/open-cti-demo-adapter
This is open salesfroce CTI adapter which can be used to create a connection between salesforce and 3rd party CTI tool. I have made 4 application using this and are on appexchange.

If this is not possible, then then look at https://www.tenfold.com/cti/salesforce-with-asterisk, this might help but it comes with some price.

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Jaime Macias 1Jaime Macias 1
Estimado Rodrigo,
Estoy en una similar situacion que la tuya. Lograste encontrar una solución?. Estoy en sudamerica y tengo un cliente que requiere comprar una central telefonica (no muy costosa) que tenga integracion/conector "nativo" con Salesforce. En ultimo caso podrian comprar una central telefonica y ver de obtener un conector por separado para ASTERIK u otra. Gracias de antemano por tu ayuda! (Por favor, me puedes escribir a jaime.macias@pracso-profit.com )