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Akhil SattirajuAkhil Sattiraju 

Einstein Analytics and Discovery Insights Specialist - Step #2

Hi All,
I am Struck at Step 2 of  Einstein Analytics and Discovery Insights Specialist.I am new to the binding concepts and I am not able to understanad what should we do next .I have created a rating chart calculating Churn/total no of Subscribers .Please help me from this step.

q = load "Beattie_Subs";

churn=filter q by 'Churn'=="Yes";
churn=group churn by all;
churn=foreach churn generate count() as 'Churn Subscribers';

q = group q by all;
q = foreach q generate count() as 'Total Subscribers';

result=cogroup churn by all,q by all;
result=foreach result generate sum(churn.'Churn Subscribers')/sum(q.'Total Subscribers') as 'Churn_Tenure';