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Darshit Pathak 10Darshit Pathak 10 

How to update trailhead link for webassessor?

I had one trailhead account but it had email address of my previous organization. I had linked that trailhead account with webassessor.
I have created new trailhead account with my personal email address now. And merged the old trailhead account in new one.
So all badges and points are visible in new tarilhead account.
But webassessor is still linked to the old trailhead account only. So whichever maintenance exam I am completing is not reflecting in the results.
I tried to link the new(merged) trailhead account with webassessor but I am not getting any unique verification code on my email. So I am not able to link it.
Can anyone help me to link this new account and remove the old link?
Tanu Dua01Tanu Dua01
Darshit Parthak,

I have facing a same issue. First you can update a webassessor email address.
You can raise a case or email on below email address.We can not change the webassessor emial address from our end.

But you get a response , if you will drop a mail on below email address.
If your query resolve you like a best answers.

certification@salesforce.com , trailhead@salesforce.com
Tanu Dua
Fat OysterFat Oyster
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