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Salesforce surveys in community ?

We have requirement to take survey from customers. But they don't want to send out emails or anything to customers. This suvery will be taken from a office when the customers visit the place. So, I have build survey and calling this survey from Lightning Web Component page in communities Case page. The survey will popup on click of button. Everything looks good so far. Now, I opened a customer case page in community (LWC component behind the scenes), I see the button, I click it, the survey opens and I complete the survey. I can see the results in survey object and analyse the results as well. So far GOOD. No Issues. The problem is when I go to next customer case, when I click on the button, system says .. THE SERVEY IS ALREADY COMPLETED. The reason is survey link is same for all customer .. unable to attach the case no. to the survey link. This is the issue I have. ONLY ONE SURVEY CAN BE DONE IN THE SYSTEM. When i reserached, if you want to send an email .. we use process builders to attach the case no as part of the survey link .. which will be unique. But we don't want to send an email. Any other way to generate unique survey link for each case on click of a button in LWC component ?? Please let me know.