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Integrate External Dot Net Application inside the Salesforce

Good Day 
I am new to Saleforce and i am dot net developer 
I am having c# Application which will work based on the user login if any public message comes from social media it will send to logged in user based on some condition 

i want to integrate this application into Salesforce page.

Bhawana Mehta SFDCBhawana Mehta SFDC
@imp sales:
Can you elaborate more. This .Net Application will be calling the Salesforce or Salesforce will be calling .Net for data?
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Dear Bhawana,

refer the below image its sample mork up image actually the popup which is mention below is seprate c# application developed and running as thick client 

That popup will work after successfull login its like customer support if any message comes from social media this will assign to logged in user.

Now i want to integrate this application inside the saleforce .[Refer Second Image]

ABC corp

Second Image:

ABC corp
Bhawana Mehta SFDCBhawana Mehta SFDC
@imp sales: Got It.
Basically What you are trying to do is "Luanch You custom Application from Salesforce as a Utility".
You can follow below developement steps to implement it. However, You will have to do a bit of study to write your Lightning Component.

Step 1: Create a Lightning Component Named “Custom Utility”
<aura:component implements="lightning:utilityItem">
    <!-- write the code to laucnh your C# aaplication here, you can have it as a button, 
	on click of that button call javascript function call you Application -->
    <aura:attribute name="supportsPopOut" type="Boolean" default="false" />

Step 2:  Add the Custom Utility Component that you created to you app.

Setupà App Managerà Select you appàEdit

Step 3: Go back to your App, and refresh the home page. You will see your custom utility icon at the lower left end.

Step 4: You can launch your C# application from there.
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thank you for your reference 

Is it any video link that could realy helpful for me 
Bhawana Mehta SFDCBhawana Mehta SFDC
No. I just built it in my local org. You might have to search some articlein google to find if there is any video for this. I guess there should be.
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I tried but no difference can you help me to give me more details on this step by step procedure like (wikihow)