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Sunny SSunny S 

Visualforce page to capture Customer response

Hi Members, need help !

We have 3 objects as : 1- Event , 2- Invite and 3- Contacts (standard). 'Invite' is the Junction object between 'Event' and 'Contacts'.

Once and Event is created, we need to send out the Invites to our customer. For that we are building a Visualforce Page on 'Invite' object in order to capture this VFP inside the Invitation email.

Requiremrnt 1: How can we include a VFP inside a Visualforve Email template?
Requiremrnt 2: How can we send multiple Invites for an Event with a Single email, single click?
Requiremrnt 3: Is it possible to capture the customer response as 'Yes, No' directly onto the Invite object (for the particular event) on the basis of their input on the attached Visualforce page (inside the email)

Its like: An Event is created, an Invite email goes out to the customers, customer replies on the Invite email as: Yes, No and the response gets recorded against the respective event for that customer?

My visual page is also throwing an error !!

I am falling short of ideas here. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks !

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