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Albert CharanAlbert Charan 

Design data model for Schools

Hi all ,

new to salesforce development . I need a basic design for school-student management  . We will have 3 different object as 

1. Student --> containing basic info about student like DOB ,name ,standard,StudnetID  etc....StudentID will be unique . 

2. Marksheet --> This object has field like studentID ,name , marks in every subject ,and many more . we need to send report card to parent . mail will be used from Student object .

3. attendance sheet --> montly attendance sheet which need to be send to parent with remarks . Also StudendID and Student name will be here . 

Now student ID is here unique and we need to send marksheet and attendance sheet everymonth . we will upload csv file for marks and attendance at the end of every month . according to that data we want to send a mail to parent .

my question is how I can relate this student object to rest of two object based on studentID and how I can store data for every month (like if someone wants to check  attendance for the current year ,we should be able show them ). 

Hi Albert,

For the student object, I'll say you can utlize the standart Account object.
You can create studentId as unique field. You can create two record types of Account object, one for Student and other for Parent.

Create two objects for Marksheet and AttendenceSheet. Both will have master-detail relationship with Student(Account) object.
For Attendence tracking, you can store weekely attendence for each student in one AttendenceSheet object record.
Under the AttendenceSheet object create a picklist field that will store the months name, to track the month.
Create fields for each week days (Mon,Tue, etc..). Create a date field that mark the start of each week.

In this case, you can store weeks attendence in single record.

Hope this helps!
Brodie MatsonBrodie Matson
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