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sfdx unlocked package version error

Question 1:
I have account,contact, opportunity,case and lead in my unlocked package. For case entitlements,multicurrency fields (ex. currencyisocode, slastartdate, entitlementid etc.) I have added ""features": ["ENTITLEMENTS", "MULTICURRENCY"]" in project-scratch-def.json file and running versioning command with "-f config/project-scratch-def.json".
In this case I am getting errors for contact record type "Contact.Record type name: Picklist value: Facebook in picklist: LeadSource not found". I am Not able to identify the issue here. what could be the issue for this error?
Note: I am doing versioning for unlocked package. I have added standardvalueset for leadsource picklist in my package and all values are available there. If I am removing those feature related fields and running the versioning command without "-f config/project-scratch-def.json" then its versioning is getting success everytime

Question 2:
 While versioning of unlocked package I am getting errors for case object reacordtypes. "case.recordtype name" Case.Recordtype name: duplicate value found: is a duplicate of the value in the record with the following ID: >"
Note:There is no inactive/duplicate values for picklist in org.
Not getting proper solution for this. What could be the issue?

Question 3:
While versionig of the unlocked package I am getting below errors:
(1) CampaignType: Duplicate label: Partner
(2) LeadSource: Duplicate label: advertising
(3) Industry: Duplicate label: biotechnology

Please help to resolve these error.