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Brian RosenfeltBrian Rosenfelt 

Redirecting save action from within a lightning tab back to the tab it began with

We currently are utilizing a lightning page using only standard lightning components.  We use TABS to display several tabs for users to navigate across.  One of those tabs has a custom visualforce page we developed.  When a user initiates and action from that VF page, the screen refreshes and takes the user back to the default tab as defined (instead of the tab they called the action from).

We are hoping to avoid building a custom tabset component, as the out of the box component makes it easy for our team to add/remove/modify components via drag and drop.

Is there any coding we can add to our VF page to bring the user back to the tab the started on?  As each tab does not have a unique URL, using a return URL string doesn't seem to be an option.

Was curious if getFocusedSubtabObjectId() would work in this use case, but not sure its intended to get an ID for a lightning tab.

Any additional thoughts would be appreciated.